24k gold rejuvenating natural silk mask | with Vitamin E and Seaweed

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Our 24k gold rejuvenating natural silk mask is Infused with Vitamin E and Seaweed. it deeply purifies skin, lightens pigmentation, improves and brightens rough skins, leaving it fair and bright. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for pigmented and dull skin. This mask is enriched with luxury gold foil powder that melts into the skin and enhances its repairability, whilst also lightening fine lines which gradually firms and hydrates the skin. 
This mask is the best conductor to promote skin absorption of up to 70% more efficient compared to regular masks. It transports nutrients to your skin, reduces fine lines, dark patches and revitalises rough, dry and sagging skin.
The ultra-thin mask moulds to fit all the crevasses and curves to your skin in order deliver nutrients to every inch of your face for maximal absorption. 
tips on how to use:
step 1: Clean face with lukewarm water. Open and unfold mask
step 2: apply mask to face with the pearl film facing outward and silk mask facing inward to create a snug fit. then remove the pearl film
Step 3: relax and leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes and allow the nutrients to be fully absorbed
Step 4: remove silk mask and gently massage the essence into the face until it is completely absorbed
Step 5: rinse with clear water
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