summit glamazon rewards

join the fun and become a Summit Glamazon! treats and rewards for items purchased... yes! rewarded!
shop and earn is our way of saying thank you for shopping with us...
but what exactly do you get from us when you shop and how to you get it?

Summit Glam (G Points) Rewards

🎁  gift friends and yourself with 10% off on all items for a successful referral purchase

🎂  receive £5 or 2000 G Points from us on your birthday!

✍🏽  gift £1 or 400 G Points off your purchase when you sign in

🚚  get free delivery for 2000 G Points

👍🏾  receive 20 G Points when you like, follow or share our posts on instagram, facebook or twitter

💷 £1 purchase earns 40 G Points


 ✨Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):✨
Q: Where do I locate the Summit Glamour Rewards Icon/ Button on your website?
A: At the bottom left corner / floating on the left side of your screen - 🎁 bearing Summit Rewards sign

Q: Must I subscribe to Summit Glamour Rewards to Earn rewards?
A: Yes you must subscribe to SGR in order to Unlock your Rewards Earnings

Q: Does my previous purchases qualify me for Summit Glamour Rewards membership?
A: No! Summit Glamour Rewards is a loyalty appreciation token launched yesterday

Q: Can I unlock my Rewards from previous purchases before the launch of Summit Glamour Rewards?
A: No! After today, you begin Unlocking your rewards

Q: Can a Guest (without registering) Refer a friend for a 10% of Friend Referral
A: Yes the Friend Referral will receive a One time 10% discount

Q: If I referred 10 friends do I still Earn 10x 10% discount to be used on different purchases in store?
A: Yes! You will qualify to use 10% discount as many times as you refer friends but to be redeemed Per purchase not cumulative

Q: Will I be notified to Receive my Summit Glam Rewards Points towards my birthday treat?
A: Yes! You will be notified of your 2000 points worth £5 at least Ten days before your birthday

Q: How do I qualify to Earn Rewards for my birthday Rewards Points?
A: The Customer must inform us of their birthday information when signing up for Summit Glamour Rewards at least 30 days before your birthday in order to qualify and receive 2000 worth £5 off their purchase when activated
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